2016 Ribjet Ribjet 10 YACHT Tender

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LOA – 10’7” (3.30 Meters)                                                    


BEAM – 5’4” (1.6 Meters)


HEIGHT – 34” (900mm)                                                      


Engine-60hp 3 Cylinder  Power – Naturally Aspirated                                                      


Capacity – 4 Persons


Fuel- 7gallons (25.5 litres)                                      


Dry Weight -550 lbs (281 Kgs)


Max Speed-   40mph


Colors- Custom Console Colors Available


Hypalon Tubeset- Wide Range of Color Choices




Engine Information if needed:


The 900 CC Rotax ACE engine is an in-line three-cylinder four stroke power plant available in two configurations in our Ribjet 10. Our Ribjet 10 model features the 60hp tuned version for increased fuel economy and a smooth power band great for watersports. The ACE 900 is designed to run on standard 87 octane pump gas and is naturally aspirated (no turbo) for smooth throttle response and quick acceleration. The 900 CC ACE engine features a closed loop cooling system to avoid corrosive saltwater and debris and is easily serviced worldwide. Built with the acclaimed Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology it’s also the most fuel-efficient marine engine of its size in the industry. The ACE technology allows you to play all day while using a minimal amount of fuel, omitting low emissions and minimal engine sound while underway. All engines are computer tuned at Ribjet U.S.A. for optimum performance in a yacht tender package and an inline towing valve and quick attach flush kit is standard equipment on all Ribjet tenders. 

Grande Yachts is a certified product representative for Ribjet U.S.A and works directly with the factory to deliver custom tenders based on the customers exact requirements.


Ribjet 10 Jet Yacht Tender:


The most popular size in a series of small, efficient, lightweight jet propulsion tenders is the Ribjet 10. She has been specifically designed to fit within the parameters of an ever growing range of tender garages and swim platforms. Available with a 60hp Rotax power package the Ribjet 10 is equipped to handle duties ranging from ship to shore transport or an all-out watersports platform and day boat. The Ribjet 10 boasts a large range of standard equipment as well as an A la carte selection of electronics and add on components. Ribjet U.S.A and its owners, through years of experience in the custom tender industry have put together a standard production package coupled with an easy to service power plant that far exceeds the competition while remaining at a very competitive price point.



Contact  Dan Walsh 954 790 5985 or dwalsh@grandeyachts.com

               Bob Walsh 443 758 7570 or bwalsh@grandeyachts.com

Please contact Bobby Walsh at 443-758-7570

¿Interesado en este barco? Teléfono: 410-643-5800
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