2016 Delphia Escape 1350

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Fibra de vidrio
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Delphia Escape 1350 - A luxurious Gentleman's yacht for aficionados of slow-life cruising

The luxurious Escape 1350 is currently the largest motor vessel in Delphia's range and combines tradition with modernity.

At the same time it is perfectly compliant with the slow-life philosophy. The emphasis of this model is on spaciousness and comfort and boasts a precise and easy to operate navigation system and twin diesel engines for economy, safety and reliability.

The twin rudders and two bow thrusters ensure excellent maneuverability in all conditions.

The well appointed cockpit is fitted with a large table around which to gather your crew for a glass of wine after a relaxing cruise around the waterways. The addition of a spacious sun deck provides the perfect place from which to admire the view or simply to sunbathe.

The excellent proportions of the Escape’s 1350 living area is optimally utilised to provide comfort and space -even for a crew of up to 8.

The interior specification allows the option to have three bedrooms and 2 or 3 shower rooms or four bedrooms plus 1 or 2 shower rooms.

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