2016 Custom Gigayacht

EUR  350,000,000
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Tipo de motor/combustible:
Doble / diesel
Situado en:
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Material del casco:
Precio actual:
EUR  350,000,000 

Everest, a name that pretty much says it all.

This 200 (656’) Meter yacht is appropriately named Everest. The designer, Donald Starkey, thoughts were to design a yacht that would surpass ALL others, and by taking a gigantic leap forward to above 200 meters. It is possible that this could be the largest private yacht for some time to come.

Everest will have accommodations for 36 passengers and guests consisting of 17 apartments and an Owners private penthouse suite on the top deck. Every suite will have private terraces.

There are large lounge areas and a dining room on the aft of the Main Deck with an outside swimming pool and cinema arrangement. All other entertaining facilities include a large gymnasium, well-being center, sauna and steam rooms. The indoor cinema and a beach club has side folding platforms port and starboard and a large drive-in docking facility at the aft end for boats and a small submarine. There is also a dive center included in this area.

A 5 deck high atrium with central staircase and 2 elevators connect all decks, including the sun deck. The sun deck has a shaded dining area and sunning areas with a Jacuzzi tub. There are additional service cores including service elevators on both port and starboard side.

Access via helicopter is possible on the topmost aft deck and also on the forward main deck which includes a platform lowering into a heli-hangar below and possibly 3 cars and associated landing craft.

There are accommodations for approximately 60 crew and 20 staff and operational staff (heli-pilots, security staff etc.) located on the forward lower decks.

This vessel is capable of trans-Pacific cruising at approximately 24 knots.
Propulsion is diesel electric with azipods.

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