2016 Arcona Yachts 410

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Fibra de vidrio
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June 2011 we launched Arcona 410 No. 1. The Arcona team was immediately aware that this boat far exceeded our highest expectations. Our enthusiasm is shared with Europe's leading sailing journalists, we have been overwhelmed by the speed, comfort, beautiful lines and her ability to make sailing simple even in severe weather.

The Arcona 410 takes the epithet cruiser/racer to a new level. The Arcona 410 follows your beck and call – sailing higher and faster while offering superb comfort in a timeless design – a boat without compromises!

Arcona 410 is our first jib-boat, with outboard chainplates and a sail plan that eliminates the need for the crew to handle heavy genoas.The tall stable rig provides superb sailing characteristics. Arcona 410 is equipped with dual wheels and is extremely well balanced – fingertip control in all conditions. The hull and deck are vacuum laminates, bulkheads and berths are hand-laminated and the sturdy Arcona steel grid ensures that all loads are evenly distributed thoughtout the hull.

The cockpit is very spacious and the deck layout clean and easy to work. The modern lines of the beautifully satin-varnished mahogany interior offers the warm inviting atmosphere that characterizes the Arcona.

Yachting World in November 2011: "A SWEDISH REVOLUTION"

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