2015 Hunt Yachts 44

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Fibra de vidrio
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The design of the Hunt 44 is a response to those who saw the Hunt 52 and liked the looks, features and performance, but wanted something smaller. With the 52 the designers at Hunt Design sought to create a cruiser that answered the requests of many buyers who could not find just the right boat. First, they wanted a boat with the performance of a Hunt. Most were already Hunt owners and would not settle for less. They said that they wanted a boat that would be very comfortable for two, and small enough for two to handle. So we made the features spacious and practical and resisted the temptation to squeeze in extra staterooms and heads. The same approach has been applied to the 44.

With the 52 we created a new type of boat or perhaps more accurately, revived an old type; the flush deck cruiser. The main deck runs half the length of the boat at one level. This feature gives a relatively small boat the uninterrupted space normally found on larger motoryachts and avoids ups and downs, and broken up spaces. With the wide sliding doors in the aft bulkhead, the saloon and aft deck can be combined into one large space while cruising or entertaining. The 44 is laid out in the same way.

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