2015 Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40 LC

EUR  490,000
Canet en Roussillon, Francia
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The SUMMERLAND 40 LC, MOTOR YACHT signed by Fountaine Pajot !

Tipo de motor/combustible:
Doble / diesel
Situado en:
Canet en Roussillon, Francia
Material del casco:
Precio actual:
EUR  490,000 

Bateau disponible rapidement prix avec transport en Méditerranée compris visible sur le port de Canet . Prix annoncer si pas de reprise Si pas de reprise un geste généreux sera effectuecar il sera le premier Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40LC neuf en Méditerranée. Le bateau sera livrable sur la Méditerranée. 

Summerland 40LC  avec Pack Exclusive

Equipements standards

2 moteurs VOLVO D3 EVC 220CV, lignes d'arbre, hélices quadripales, réservoir gasoil 1400L.

Pack Exclusive:

Poste de barre 3 places au flying bridge.

Rideaux dans les cabines

Eau chaude/froide pour 1 douchette

Kit d'amarrage + 4 pare-battages

Guindeau électrique 1000 Watts

1 Bossoir d'annexe

Housse de protection console de fly

Coussins d'assise de flying bridge

Matelas solarium au flying bridge

Pack audio Fusion 4HP

Eco Cruising : Feux de navigation LED

Eco Cruising : Eclairage intérieur LED

Eco Cruising : Batteries AGM

Décl. auto. pompes cales

2 Coupe-orins

Commande guindeau suppl. av compteur

Coussins d'assises de cockpit

Antifouling, primaire époxy

Teck dans jupes/cockpit/escalier

Conservateur 12V 90L

Eclairage de courtoisie

Eclairage intérieur de courtoisie

Rideaux de carré

Holding tank pour 1 WC

Projecteur de recherche (2 cdes)

Réseau 220V av prises cabines

Options :

2 Moteurs VOLVO D3 220 CV

Générateur 7KW 220V 50Hz

Pack GARMIN 3 : Pilote, VHF AIS, GPS 8012/8008, 2*multi GMI20

Radar + support + câblage sur bimini fixe

Bimini fixe de flying bridge

Décoration extérieure de coque

Annexe 3.10 m & moteur 6 CV

Armement sécu complet sans survie

Radeau de survie MP8

Transport, mise à l'eau, Préparation Canet en Roussillon

Pour voir les nouvelles photos cliquez sur le lien suivant: http://www.motoryachts-fountaine-pajot.com/fr/modele/photos/30/summerland-40-lc Véritable Motor Yacht, le SUMMERLAND 40 LC est dessiné et construit pour de belles croisières, avec une autonomie exceptionnelle. Vision 360°  http://www.motoryachts-fountaine-pajot.com/fr/les-actualites/81/breaking-news-dcouvrez-la-nouvelle-visite-guide-du-summerland-40-lc/fr

Un magnifique carré   Ce SUMMERLAND 40 LC nouvelle génération se voit doté d’un nouveau carré, de grandes baies de coque et d’un design contemporain. Il offre un grand confort en terme de navigation et de vie à bord.   Intimité et vue sur mer   Dans les coursives à tribord, une superbe cabine Propriétaire, dotée d’un lit transversal avec vue sur la mer et d’une salle de bain indépendante. A bâbord, deux belles cabines pour les invités et un cabinet de toilette indépendant.   40 % de consommation en moins   Le Fountaine Pajot SUMMERLAND 40 Long cruise offre bien sûr l’autonomie exceptionnelle des Motor Yachts avec 40 % de consommation en moins grâce à ses grands réservoirs et à sa forme de carène. Canet Boat Plaisance est le représentant de l'Ile de France de la Suisse du 66, 34, 11



MOTOR YACHTS by Fountaine Pajot

Motor Yachts range of power catamarans represents the pinnacle of boating excellence, combining outstanding offshore performance, cutting-edge technology and exceptional fuel consumption rates.

Designed by the renowned team of architects, Joubert Nivelt, Motor Yachts have capably taken on the world’s toughest waters with more than 200 vessels delivered. These owners have conquered the English Channel, North Sea, Bay of Biscay, Golf Stream, trade routes plus the Indian and Southern oceans in the last ten years.

All Motor Yachts have been designed with standard features across the range that maximise performance, comfort and safety.


Low fuel consumption

Motor Yachts outstandingly low fuel consumption is a primary attraction for many buyers who recognise the savings represented by the vessels’ long range. A Motor Yacht offer a minimum of 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to the performance of a similarly-sized monohull.

The reduced drag created by the two hulls plus the efficient wave-piercing action contributes to greatly reduced rates of consumption, and extended range – up to one thousand miles with standard fuel tanks for the whole Motor Yachts range.

2. Exceptional performance, stability and comfort

Motor Yachts are renowned for their superior performance in challenging conditions, while maintaining excellent stability and comfort while underway. Higher speeds are achievable in tough conditions due to Motor Yachts’ semi-displacement hull design. More of the hull remains in the water at higher speeds, softening the ride and reducing stress on the hull from wave impact.

Motor Yachts offer generous freeboard with reinforced hulls and bows to handle the toughest offshore conditions. The hull design offers an impressively dry deck at sea and a stable ride with minimal bounce and roll in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions.

Unlike many of its competitors, Motor Yachts are pleasantly quiet, with engines housed with their own dedicated access.


Protection and visibility

Each of the Motor Yachts models enjoys excellent protection from the natural elements. The 360 degree vision from the flybridge is also complemented by panoramic views from the interior cockpit, creating a light, ambient and safe experience particularly during extended passages.

Ergonomic and safe design

All of Motor Yachts’ deck surfaces have been designed to be kept clear of obstructions, creating the safest environment for both cruising and relaxing at anchor. From boarding on the float-through transom, moving into the spacious and ergonomic cockpit, on to the square and the foredeck, moving about a Motor Yachts is a safe and easy experience. The boats are also equipped with superior quality steel stanchions and belting, providing optimal security for moving about on deck.


3. Safety

Unsinkability and beachability

Motor Yachts have been designed to sit on their hulls without any damage to her propellers, shafts and rudders due to fixed skegs. These skegs are also designed to protect the propellers, shafts and rudders and preserve the safety of the vessel in the event of an impact at sea. Twin engines in separate hulls offer peace of mind in the event of a hull taking on water due to grounding or a collision. This is a feature not possible in a monohull without major engineering works.

4. Innovative, Spacious and Thoughtful Designs

Separation of living areas
Each Motor Yacht has been designed to separate the social and private areas for optimal space and serenity. Socialising and entertaining can be enjoyed in the spacious saloon and galley, which feature panoramic views, quality furnishings, abundant storage and easy integration of lounge and cockpit areas. The main decks are designed on one level so no steps up or down are required for entry from the cockpit to the main saloon.

Tranquil and private cabins

Cabins for the owner and crew are very private due to the twin hulls, with no single bulkheads required between the cabins. Fore and aft cabin arrangements can offer true three or four double cabin versions without compromising space and storage. On every model, the cabins enjoy generous dimensions, great headroom, wide passageways, and are situated well away from the engine rooms, ensuring they are quiet and fume-free retreats. The cabins feature excellent ventilation systems and natural lighting, courtesy of the generous portholes. There is also spacious access to the large beds with the benefits of ensuite bathrooms.


Maestro version

Offering the ultimate in privacy for both owners and guests, the Maestro version is offered on all models in the Motor Yachts range. This design, which dedicates an entire hull for Owner’s private use, is the result of extensive research and development in conjunction with consultants, architects and manufacturers.


Unlike many catamarans, Motor Yachts’ corridors have been designed to maximise width and height in the interior passageways, and stair dimensions have also been set at a safe and comfortable level to suit both adults and children.

5. Manufactured to highest standards

Fixed fins
Motor Yachts are fitted with fixed fins to maximise comfort and safety. In the event of an impact or beaching, the fixed fins serve to protect the propellers, shaft and rudders, and they completely seal and preserve the integrity of the vessel. The benefits of fixed fins include total security, convenience for maintenance, and greater flexibility to explore and anchor in more shallow waters.

David Boëhm
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