2015 Delphia 46cc

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Delphia 46CC - A luxurious ocean-going central cockpit deck saloon yacht

The Delphia 46CC is unique due to its deck saloon being connected to a centrally located cockpit.

This configuration is typical for the most luxurious of ocean-going yachts and ensures exceptional stability of the craft which translates into comfort and safety of sailing.

The design provides comfortable accommodation for the entire crew and panoramic windows which fills the interior with light, offering unrestricted views.

In order that the crew feel truly at home, the Delphia 46CC boasts all the creature comforts one expects of such a luxurious vessel; a fully equipped galley to prepare the most exquisite of cuisine, a aft stateroom with spacious shower and space to relax, a guest suite in the bow with its own shower, an additional bathroom plus adequate storage space for any length of voyage.

Similar to the Delphia 47, the Delphia 46CC is a synergy between nautical architecture and traditional maritime craftsmanship.

It features an YSI (Yacht Structural Integrity) integrated yacht structure using LIM (Laminate Infusion Method) vacuum infusion technology rendering the hull light yet extremely strong.

The excellent performance of the Delphia 46CC makes this craft the perfect choice for longer, or even round-the-world, voyages.

This model is available witha fixed or centre-board / ballast keel and is able to accommodate future customisation dependent on the desires of the owner.

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