2014 Haber 34C4

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The HABER 34C4 gaff cutter – the exceptional qualities of this craft can be described as follows; a category A, ocean going, deck saloon yacht. It is 34 feet long with the feeling of open space and comfort normally associated with a much larger yacht. Although large and open, this yacht has a draft of only 0.70m. The long tradition of the HABER YACHTS boat yard is described by many as incorporating exceptionally high quality, reliable build strength with rigid, stiff hulls, while also producing yachts with the latest safety properties and durable modern materials.

The Haber 34 with C4 designation is equipped with the self-steering system as standard. It can also incorporate a simple mast lowering system, able to be operated by one person only! 

The yacht has been thoroughly tested on the sea and the results showed exceptional nautical properties in light and heavy wind conditions.

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