2012 Morris 52

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Morris Yachts are sailing to the far corners of the world, usually with just a couple on board, often completing 200-plus mile days, in safety, style and comfort. The new 52 is perhaps the perfect yacht for a couple with worldwide passage-making aspirations. Her large interior volume provides ample space for both storage and systems, while her modern, efficient underbody gives her stability and remarkable speed. Her center cockpit deck plan keeps the crew high and dry, and provides excellent visibility. For the offshore sailor, the 52 provides and incredibly strong hull. Her vacuum-bagged Core-Cell sandwich construction is augmented by Kevlar/hybrid E-Glass and 100 percent vinylester resin to produce a brutally tough but sensibly lightweight structure. The entire hull is additionally reinforced with Kevlar, for unmatched impact resistance. There is also a watertight bulkhead. Rudder and ruderpost are of high modulus carbon fiber and, as in all Morris Yachts, controlled by Edson steering systems.
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