2008 Ribcraft 150

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Material del casco:
Fibra de vidrio
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At 15'7", the RIBCRAFT150 is an excellent boat for literally any boating activity, small enough to be easily transported or to navigate the tightest of locations, yet large enough to handle most conditions you'd ever encounter. The 150 employs RIBCRAFT's trademark deep V hull to offer superior handling and performance for a craft this size. Incorporating the qualities of exceptional safety, design, and reliability, the 150 planes with ease, corners without skidding and provides a smooth stable ride. The high bow sheer combined with an aggressive hull design provides great sea keeping capabilities in the rough and confused seas often found on the weekends. The 150 is a natural choice for your family. Easily launched by trailer or hoist, the 150 can be stored aboard a large yacht or trailered to the local lake or harbor for easy quick access to the water. An excellent family boat, the RIBCRAFT150 is great for going to the beach, for watching the kids sail, for cruising around, or as a simple tender. Using only the best materials, the RIBCRAFT150's heavy duty Hypalon tubes are among the best, most reliable in the industry. With safety and durability an essential component of the RIBCRAFTdesign, the 150 is designed to perform and plane even without the tube.
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