2008 Morris 48

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Material del casco:
Fibra de vidrio
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The Morris 48 hull was engineered with bi-axial knitted fabrics, longitudinal and transverse structural members and reinforced with unidirectional fabrics and vinylester resin throughout. Our Rib-Core approach to hull and deck construction includes the additional strength and rigidity of the entire interior structure joined to hull and deck in a monocoque structure. Designed for ease of handling, the 486 has a triple-spreader swept-back rig with outboard chain plates. A small headsail overlap at 104% of fore triangle provides excellent sailing performance at all wind angles. To cruise coastal areas or oceans of the world she can be fitted with a shoal or deep draft keel. The point of vanishing stability with a standard keel at 145.5 degrees provides a superior margin of safety. In addition to an absolutely sumptuous interior and spacious accommodations, an owner can expect to outrun most other sailboats in this size range while enjoying finger tip tracking and easy motion.
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