2004 X-Yachts X-612

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Let your dreams come true

Material del casco:
Fibra de vidrio
Tipo de motor/combustible:
Since the launch of the successful X-562 in 1999 it has been expected that the X-612 should be offered with a similar interior layout. Now the X-612 blue water cruiser has been launched with two accommodation options suiting the needs and separate requirements of cruising and competitive yachtsmen. To improve balance and control at the helm, the keel and rudder have been redesigned, and as a further enhancement she is now offered with an optional carbon mast and furling boom. The design of her deck layout makes her manageable and easy to handle by a small crew whilst still allowing a full regatta team to get the most out of her stunning performance on the race course. A further advantage of the X-612 is that a fully inflated RIB is easily stored inside the stern garage.
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