2000 Tartan 4600

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The shape of her hull depicts a vessel with authority and agility, easily propelled through the water regardless of the conditions. The balanced spade rudder and beavertail keel or keel- centerboard option provide the appropriate directional and lateral stability to maintain control under all circumstances, while her steering ability is as responsive as a boat 5 feet shorter and several thousand pounds lighter. The use of innovative materials and methods for construction fabricate strong, light and well-insulated hull and deck structures. Laminated from the highest grade NPG-isophthalic gelcoat, vinylester and polyester resins and unidirectional "E" glass, locally reinforced with Kevlar on a balsa core, she yields a high strength-to-weight ratio. Extensive framing, structural floor timbers and full structurally-bonded bulkheads further maintain her hull rigidity, while allowing for greater load carrying ability. Below deck she is dramatic in layout, no matter which arrangement is chosen. Her standard plan is perfectly fit for two couples, granting each their own sleeping quarters and separate entrance. The optional plan is suited for larger crews or perhaps charter. Exiting the aft companionway, it descends into an immense nav station adjoined by two doubles, port and starboard. Equipped with some of the finest luxuries desired by any sailor, the Tartan 4600 offers an array of kingly commodities both on deck and down below. Her dual cockpit layout allows sailing to be handled aft, while the center is fit for lounging and is a convenient escape direct to the main cabin. Both are spacious and work well with her arrangement plan. Suited for serious cruising by a crew or a couple, her masthead rig and lines are designed for easy handling. Main halyard, reefs and main sheet are lead aft, while the genoa and optional spinnaker halyard are led to a winch located to the starboard side of the mast. Her electric main halyard winch, oversized sail-handling winches, cockpit adjustable genoa lead and Harken Batslide mainsail system are just a few of the many thoughtful touches standard with her design.
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