1996 Morris 40

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Fibra de vidrio
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The Morris 40 is intended as an ultimate shorthanded offshore yacht with sufficient speed for racing potential. She is completely surrounded by secure bulwarks for safety when moving about deck. The interior is optimized for two couples with the occasional addition of a guest or two. There are double berth cabins - an aft cabin and a larger forward cabin. Hull design is moderate in every respect, with no attention paid to any racing rule, yet with swift passages as a primary goal, a formula which can be a winner under IMS . The keel is a thoroughly modern proprietary design which combines a very low center of gravity with the induced drag diminishment obtainable with a flattened bulb. The sail plan features a high aspect ratio sloop rig with optional convertible stormstay for heavy weather sailing. The engine's location above the keel enables its weight to further enhance the stability of the yacht while reducing the pitching moment. The new Morris 40 has been designed as the ultimate in a sailing home for long distance voyages and occasional races. With her tall, powerful rig, low center of gravity state of-the-art keel, and many features aimed at security and long term value, she makes a significant contribution to the Morris fleet of high quality Maine built yachts.
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