1971 Feadship Flybridge

EUR  710,413
Ft Lauderdale, FL
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Tipo de motor/combustible:
Doble / diesel
Situado en:
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Material del casco:
Precio actual:
US$ 773,000 (EUR  710,413) 
No está en venta para residentes en Estados Unidos mientras estén en aguas estadounidenses

There are rare moments when a very special "Lady" comes to market. This is one of those times for a Buyer/Connoisseur that opportunity has arrived. This amazing yacht has had some great owners and history. She's had the names of Carronada that was her launch name, Eagle, Charlotte, Seneca, Lady C Li, Deliverance, Life Of Riley, Sally D and now "Calypso".

"Calypso" with all her history and the fact that she's the only Fish Cockpit 101' Feadship in the World, makes this vessel, one amazing opportunity. "Calypso" is not a "turn key" yacht. She's a very is a very serious "Refit" "Project". There are many ways to refit this Lady and all this can be discussed in the time of interest and best to be discussed over the phone or via email. I have been on the yacht and she's showing her age and needs some attention now, on the steel especially. We believe that if a Buyer/ Collector/Conesuer can come and see her they will understand what an amazing yacht she is. She needs a lot of LOVE and TLC sooner then later to preserve the "greatness" of the yacht herself.

The yacht has  2x Caterpillar D343TA, 460bhp each the motors are running in fact when I was on her 3/10/16 they started right up on the first turn. One of Gens ran as well and the other Gen has a 200$ part that needs to be replaced. The AC's are gone and all the Electronics as well AV and Navigational, all need New 2016 equipment. I believe at this point redo the motors and Gens are not a necessity and the yacht will need that in time but not now she still runs well. The Cosmetics of the yacht is in need of complete refit, paint the entire yacht. The bottom is steel and the hull so this will take a true specialized steel working yard or workers the know how to get her back on track, the plating etc.... The Teak is shot and needs replacing in most areas that is a must on a classic like her. The Heads are in working order and the Hydraulics need to be gone through as well everything..... The "Wood", inside the yacht is in pretty good shape Wheel House is good but all wood finishing at this time need help.

Over all this Feadship is a project but she is also a Diamond in rough and if you have the time and vision and $ you will have the chance to own a "Unicorn" of the yachting world. The sellers have asked me to price this yacht to sell not sit on the market. They understand that yacht needs attention right now to preserve the essence of the yacht as they love her too, but do not have the time to make "CALYPSO" what she needs to be. We encourage all inquires on the vessel to Barclay Tuck on this as it is a special situation not just some old boat that needs to be sold. This is the Best of the Best in yacht builders in the world if you want a Feadship and always dream of owning one but never thought you could afford one well her is your chance. With right refit and $ vested this could be truly one of the best investments ever the replacement value of her is over 5M USD!!


For further details contact Barclay at +1 858-699-7637 call/text or email Barclay at barclay@reeldealyachts.com

Please contact Barclay Tuck at +1 858-699-7637

¿Interesado en este barco? Teléfono: +1 305-796-0040

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